Read, read, read.

I thought for my major project it might be a good idea to keep a list of the readings that I do for my project.  “Read, read, read” seems to by my mantra in both grad school and life so this project might as well follow suit! GIPHY

This will be an ongoing list I will add to as I find more resources.  I am hoping as the list grows, I will be able to sort the readings into topics as well.  If you have any suggested readings for me and my project (exploring creating a digital footprint for our children), I would love to see them in the comments

Raising kids to be good digital citizens

The Perils of “Share”enting

Sharenting: Parent bloggers and managing your children’s digital footprint

Identity in a Digital World

Should you post photos of your child on social media?

Why I don’t put pictures of my children on facebook

The pros and cons of sharenting

When sharenting goes wrong










5 Replies to “Read, read, read.”

  1. Great readings thanks for sharing. I am living this debate daily with my daughter. I find I text a lot of pictures to family then post pictures that I think look appropriate online. My family loves the group text messages with pictures and I don’t need to worry about sending them.

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    1. I think this will likely be my preferred method when the time comes. Group chats are so great and who can see who controls what! I’m working on my survey today and would love to have you complete it if you are ok with that!


      1. For sure I would complete it. I know my family loves it. They often say they love seeing her during the day and it’s easy to send in a group chat. For this class I’m also using snap chat but then they don’t have the picture forever and text is easy for the not as tech savvy grandparents

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