Just when you think you know…

I work with adults so do not generally spend much time with children, outside of my 7 nieces and nephews, and a few of my friends’ children.  I am sure my teacher friends would know this happens to them often, but just when I thought I knew the direction I was going, a 7 year old took my mind for a spin…

For our nieces and nephews birthdays, my partner Cody and I like to invite the child over for a sleep over in Regina with us.  They pick the activities, the food, basically we just do whatever they want to do. It’s a hit and as their birthdays approach they ask us if they are coming to sleep over again soon.  Hopefully I can keep this tradition going once our own little one comes but I guess I will play that by ear 😉

During Family Day weekend, Cody and I had our seven year old niece, V, over for a sleep over.  When we got home from our activities (Wok Box, the Peter Rabit movie, and a trip to the dollar store) and hanging out on the couch waiting for supper to be ready, V says to me:

“Can we look at my mom and dad’s Facebook to find pictures of me when I was a baby?”

I think my eyes almost popped out of my head! At first I thought it was a strange request, but then I got out my iPad and pulled up her mom’s page and scrolled back to 2010 when she was just a baby.  V laughed and giggled at the pictures, read the captions to me, wanted to know the story of what was going on in the picture, and wanted more.  Off to grandma and grandpa’s, other aunts and uncle’s pages we go.  For about an hour, she talked about what a cute baby she was, “oh I remember that!” (no you don’t but I won’t correct you!), and even how much baby her looks like her little sister.  To her, it seemed like a fun activity to look back at her baby pictures.  To me, it was an eye opening experience.  She seemed to love that her pictures were online.  She loved reading out loud what her parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc said about her. She didn’t seem embarrassed.  She is only seven and I suppose could change her perspective but she definitely proved to me that posting about our kids on social media does not have to be a bad thing.  Way to keep me on my toes, sweet girl.

Does anyone else have a positive story about a child and old social media posts? I would love to hear! It is easy to get sucked in the vacuum of why you should not post about your child.  Most of the articles I find about sharenting or posting seem to lean towards reminding parents why they should be cautious.  I can’t seem to find an article about a positive outcome of sharing online about your children but if any of my classmates have one, I would love to hear!


4 Replies to “Just when you think you know…”

  1. I love this post! As a Mom, I really love the facebook memories of my children popping up from years past! Another part of social media that I love is that my Mom passed away 2 years ago. On my facebook memories, I have little messages that she wrote on my wall or comments she made on my children’s pictures from when they were babies. These are treasures to me. I feel that social media is a way to capture moments in time that we can revisit in the future. It is fun to read what you described the photos as back then. It sure is a trip down memory lane. I really appreciated this post!

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  2. Thank you for sharing this memento of your niece! It is such a positive story and a great way to look back on memories. I cherish the photo albums we have in our home which is the 90s version of this story. But it doesn’t have the captions or comments that your niece will have as a treasure for her in the future. I think with all things digital, it matters how you go about it (especially in regards to “sharenting”). I always return to the Think Before You Post posters that are often found around schools. Digital Literacy isn’t just for kids and many adults need to use the Think Before You Post mentality when it comes to posting about their kids. Is their post going to be a treasure or an embarrassing memory for them to look back on?

    Thanks for sharing!

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  3. This was such an adorable post to read! 🙂 I agree, parents or guardians just need to think ahead and be respectful of what their children may or may not want shared about them…especially considering they are not making the choice to share. A funny story I’ll share is with my Mom and my cousin – he would have been about 4 and my Mom was one of the last to hold on to the “disposable camera” trend…she took a picture of my cousin and he came running over to her once it snapped, shouting, “let me see! let me see it!” When my Mom explained to him that this wasn’t one of those kinds of cameras and she would have to get it developed before he could see the photo he was disappointed, annoyed and generally just lost complete interest. Hahaha Oh how times changed from when we were kids to his childhood. 😉 Thanks again for sharing.

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