Who Am I?

The idea of digital identity has been something I have been struggling to understand how it works for me this entire semester.  Aaron Balick’s article “The persona, the false self, and the social network” resonated with me as it seemed to put into words the struggles I have been having:

-Having your best mates on the same social network as your mother and your boss requires different personae and false selves for each – so how are you supposed to manage that?

-Just think of the way you behave with a group of friends when another friend comes along, say, a work colleague, or a friend from another social group; you subtly shift the way you behave in order to ‘fit in’ the best you can, with the new grouping of people. This process is very subtle, it’s practically automatic.

-This anxious feeling is often about the boundaries of our true and false selves – or one social group seeing a part of ourselves that we only reserve for another social group


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