Survey Results

As part of my final project, I wanted to survey friends and family who have children to gain their perspective and learn from their experiences on raising children in the social media age.  You can see my survey here.

Here are the break down of my results:

I had 23 friends/family/colleagues participate in my survey.  Names were not attached to survey answers.

Age of child(ren) (select all that apply, number will not equal 23 as many participants have multiple children)
Still Pregnant: 2 participants
less than 12 months: 4 participants
1-3 years old: 9 participants
4-6 years old: 6 participants
7-9 years old: 4 participants
10 years old +: 6 participants
I was happy to find a wide range of parents with children various ages.

How often do you use the following social media or online channels to post pictures of your child(ren)?

Never A few times a year Monthly Weekly ALL. THE. TIME.
Snap Chat 26.1% 21.7% 21.7% 17.4% 13.0%
Facebook 17.4% 52.2% 21.7% 4.3% 4.3%
Instagram 30.4% 21.7% 21.7% 26.1% 0.0%
Blogging 91.3% 4.3% 4.3% 0.0% 0.0%

Please explain your reasoning for preferring some platforms more than others? Open ended question but major themes include:
– Most familiar with Facebook
– Most of my friends and family use Facebook (3 participants)
– I have less followers on Snapchat
– I can pick who to send a Snapchat to
– Too many “friends” who are not real friends on Facebook so rarely post
– I have more control over who my Instagram followers are (2 participants)
– Snapchat not permanent

What sort of things do you post on social media about your child(ren)? Open ended questions but major themes include:
– Birthdays (15 participants)
– Achievements or accomplishments (6 participants)
-Vacation or holidays (7 participants)
-Random or anything cute (6 participants)
-Nothing on the internet (1 participant)

What sort of things are off limits to post online about your child(ren)? Opened ended but major themes include:
– Bath time/nudity (10 participants)
-Things that may embarrass them (5 participants)
-Complaining about child(ren) (3 participants)
-Account private/only have close friends so anything is OK (2 participants)
– Nothing (1 participant)
– Everything (1 participant)

At what age do you think children should be able to have their own social media accounts?

10-12 years old: 5 participants
13-14 years old: 14 participants
15-16 years old: 2 participants
17 years old: 1 participant
blank: 1 participant

Any tips for a momma-to-be on navigating the digital world with children? Open ended question
-Make sure to have access to your child’s account when they do get one
-Talk to your children early about internet safety and privacy
-Model good internet behaviour early
-Set technology boundaries.  When they do get an account, be sure to have the passwords and monitor frequently.  Make sure they know they do not have the right to technological privacy
– Keep your accounts private.  Maybe delete or remove people when baby arrives
– Don’t overpost! You may regret it one day
– Do what feels right to you
– Talk to your family now about your expectations of what they can post (or not post) about your child
– Your choices will be life long for your children.  Think about this when you are posting.  It is  a big responsibility!






2 Replies to “Survey Results”

  1. This is super interesting Krisanne! I will admit, a lot of the answers surprised me. I found it curious that the majority of participants would like their child to not have their own social media account until 13-14 but quite high percentages of your participants post fairly regularly to their own social media with pictures of their kids…again, it comes down to that weird idea of consent with making the decision to post the photos. We spoke a lot about this in our break out group last week and I found it super interesting! I also really liked a couple of the suggestions you got in the last section…the don’t overpost, and in particular, the talk to your family about the expectation about posting about your child. I really like that idea so everyone is on the same page and no avoidable mistakes are made. Thank you for taking the time to do this survey – the results definitely got me thinking!


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